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AFA Friends of CAP 

Since 1996, the Air Force Association (AFA) has been a crucial partner to CAP in promoting aerospace education and fostering an interest in STEM careers in hundreds of thousands of students across the country. Civil Air Patrol continues to recognize the AFA as a treasured organizational aerospace/STEM education partner.

As a thank you to AFA members for all they do, CAP is excited to extend a special opportunity for AFA members to become “Friends of CAP” for a special price of $15. (The regular Friends of CAP price is $35.) 

AFA Friends of CAP pay $15.00 as an annual tax deductible gift to further support Civil Air Patrol without any volunteer membership obligations.

Friends receive the Civil Air Patrol magazine twice a year, as well as periodic emails with updates from our national staff and development office.  Friends are eligible to take advantage of member benefits and discounts.

To find out more about CAP, click HERE.

To become an AFA Friend of CAP click HERE.  To receive the $15 price, use Coupon Code AFACAP on page two of the online form.

AFA and CAP have united to leverage resources and work toward the promotion of STEM careers. To learn more about AFA and CAP’s current aerospace/STEM education initiatives, please click HERE.

Supporting both organizations helps us advance our mutual goals in promoting youth career and mentorship opportunities through aerospace/STEM education.