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Region and Wing Commanders

Region Commanders

Great Lakes Region
Col. Matthew R. Creed 

Mid-Atlantic Region
Col. Bruce B. Heinlein

North Central Region
Col. John R. O'Neill

Northeast Region
Col. Jack J. Ozer 

Pacific Region
Col. Jon L. Stokes

Rocky Mountain Region
Col. Jeffrey L. Johnson

Southeast Region
Col. Andrea M. Van Buren

Southwest Region
Col. Joe R. Smith 

Wing Commanders

Alabama Wing
Col. James A. Harris

Alaska Wing
Col. Kevin A. McClure

Arizona Wing
Col. Robert C. Pinckard

Arkansas Wing
Col. Robert M. Allison III

California Wing
Col. Ross Veta

Colorado Wing
Col. John Rhoades

Connecticut Wing
Col. James A. Ridley 

Delaware Wing
Col. Robert A. Mooney

Florida Wing
Col. Luis A. Garcia 

Georgia Wing
Col. Jeffrey L. Garrett

Hawaii Wing
Col. Chantal L. Lonergan

Idaho Wing
Col. Robert M. Bost

Illinois Wing
Col. Robert M. Dempsey Jr.

Indiana Wing
Col. Robert W. Freese

Iowa Wing
Col. Jonathan W. Lartigue

Kansas Wing
Col. Roger G. Eaton

Kentucky Wing
Col. Darrel D. Williamson

Louisiana Wing
Col. Patrick M. Yglesias

Maine Wing
Col. Blain A. Cote

Maryland Wing
Col. Wes Lapre

Massachusetts Wing
Col. John S. Flaherty 

Michigan Wing
Col. Rajesh U. Kothari

Minnesota Wing
Col. William M. Hienz III

Mississippi Wing
Col. David A. Rogers 

Missouri Wing
Col. Thomas J. Martin Jr.

Montana Wing
Col. Spencer R. Gilchrist

National Capital Wing
Col. Janon D. Ellis 

Nebraska Wing
Lt. Col. Leonard D. Cassell (interim)

Nevada Wing
Col. Deborah A. Pierce

New Hampshire Wing
Col. Darin L. Ninness

New Jersey Wing
Col. Joe H. Abegg Sr.

New Mexico Wing
Col. Annette R. Peters

New York Wing
Col. Thomas Carello 

North Carolina Wing
Col. Edward P. Angelovich

North Dakota Wing
Col. Kenneth D. Schuler

Ohio Wing
Col. David J. Jennison 

Oklahoma Wing
Col. David L. Roberts Jr. 

Oregon Wing
Col. William Nick Ham

Pennsylvania Wing
Col. Kevin James Berry

Puerto Rico Wing
Col. Edgardo Torres

Rhode Island Wing
Col. William Stranahan 

South Carolina Wing
Col. Walter L. Safley

South Dakota Wing
Col. Nicholas J. Gengler

Tennessee Wing
Col. Dent W. Young II

Texas Wing
Col. William H. Schroder,

Utah Wing
Col. Michael A. Fernandez 

Vermont Wing
Col. Ann A. Brechbuhl

Virginia Wing
Col. Dean E. Gould

Washington Wing
Col. Shelly J. Norman

West Virginia Wing
Col. Connie S. Moody

Wisconsin Wing
Col. Denese Helgeland 

Wyoming Wing
Col. Richard E.. Fawcett

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