Support Civil Air Patrol Through CFC

Welcome to the Heart of Giving: CFC 2023! 

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), overseen by the Office of Personnel Management, unites federal employees across the globe in an unwavering commitment to charity. CFC spans an impressive 36 CFC zones, both domestic and international, and collectively raises millions of dollars annually. Since its inception in 1961, CFC has galvanized federal civilian, military, postal employees, and retirees to commit their support and volunteer hours, shaping a brighter future locally, across the nation, and around the world. 

Join Our Mission to Save Lives and Shape Futures 

From now through January 15, you have the extraordinary opportunity to be part of this enduring legacy by supporting Civil Air Patrol (CFC #24876). Your pledge, irrespective of its size, possesses the remarkable potential to catalyze transformation, touching lives on a global scale. 

Crafting a Better Tomorrow Together 

As we navigate the challenges of today and prepare to embrace those of tomorrow, your CFC pledge reverberates across communities near and far. It extends a compassionate hand to those in need within our local neighborhoods, resonates across our great nation, and even reaches the farthest corners of our world. 

Why Choose CAP? 

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) takes great pride in standing side by side with the CFC, ensuring our shared commitment to service lives on. Our mission knows no boundaries, offering aid and support to those in the greatest need. When you choose CAP, you're investing in a future filled with hope, unity, and limitless possibility. 

Your Participation Counts! 

Your involvement in CAP's CFC campaign signifies your dedication to making a profound impact on the lives of individuals, families, and communities worldwide. By giving today, you become an integral part of a remarkable journey towards creating positive change on a global scale. 

👉 Ready to Make a Difference? 

Click here to pledge your support to CAP CFC #24876 and become a beacon of hope for those in need. 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for considering CAP as your choice for the CFC. Your boundless generosity has the power to uplift and transform countless lives. Together, we can build a world where compassion, support, and service shine brightest.