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CAP Response Fund


CAP Response Fund

Assistance for our members by our members. 

Civil Air Patrol members’ rich 80-year history of providing disaster relief and emergency services is second to none.  Every day, our members are prepared for another very important national mission -- natural disaster damage assessment and humanitarian relief efforts. 

As we work together as ONE CAP to support and assist our fellow Americans, we must also never forget about our own – the needs of CAP’s members affected by natural disaster and national emergencies. 

The “CAP Response Fund” was created to assist members who need help in times of crisis. The fund is also open to squadrons in need of assistance during recovery.

CAP Member's Homesite after California Fires


A recent CAP Response Fund recipient impacted in the California fires said this...

“It’s one thing to be involved in search and rescue and feel like you are a making a difference,

it’s a whole other world when you are the one impacted and on the receiving end of such generosity.”




Funds are intended to assist members with the ability to buy groceries, cover basic needs such as transportation and lodging, and meet deductibles while insurance or federal assistance is processed can be significant.


Criteria to Receive Assistance

  • Must be a member in good standing

  • Must have been a member for 12 months or more

  • Request must be in direct assistance for the member

  • Must be 18 or older, if not, then a parent/legal guardian can request funds on their behalf

  • Must not refuse insurance or other assistance, if available to the requester

  • Must use the funds expressly for the purpose indicated by the applicant

  • Priority is given to members impacted by natural disasters, national emergencies (including COVID-19), and where other assistance is not available or is insufficient

  • Other circumstances outside of natural disasters may be considered based on fund availability

  • Average anticipated grant may be $100 - $500, with consideration given for larger amounts based on fund availability and number of requests

  • Member must not have received CAP Response Fund assistance in the past

  • Units may also apply for one-time assistance

See attached document for application instructions. 

Send applications to and include CAP Response Fund Request in the subject line. 

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