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Request a Fundraising Speaker

Fundraising Speakers Available for Wing and Region Conferences

The Field Fundraising team has created a number of topics to present at your next Wing or Region Conference.

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To ensure your request has the greatest return on investment travel dollars and time your event, especially to maximize the impact of your members conference experience, we kindly request your commitment to the following when requesting a National Staff fundraising speaker:
  • Dedication of up to 3 minutes of the opening session to introduce the Chief Growth Officer or National Staff member, who will be present and available for fundraising sessions later in the day. You may have the national staff guest speak at this time or include a highlight in the Wing Commander remarks. Asking the national staff guest speaker to stand during this announcement ensures members know how to connect throughout the day with their fundraising questions. This is rooted in the experience of past Wing Conferences that when participants identify with an important opportunity it enhances conversational engagement and session attendance.
  • Fundraising sessions will be scheduled during the first or second breakout slots. None of the requested sessions will be in the final two breakout offerings of the day. This timing is strategic, as attendance tends to decline throughout the afternoon, with many attendees preparing for evening events. By prioritizing these sessions earlier in the day, we can maximize the impact on your event and ensure the return on investment is positive for all involved.
  • The National Staff member is at your service during the Wing/Region Conference and is happy to be introduced to squadron leaders, potential donors, or others to support in answering questions, bringing people to a shared understanding if there is an unclear path regarding fundraising, etc. Just ask if you have a special request.
Important to note all of these sessions are also available for virtual sessions for Wing or Region meetings online.

Need a customized presentation topic? Just let us know.

Current topics include:

Fundraising 101: How to Prepare Your Unit to Fundraise Correctly

Just starting out or not having the fundraising success you would like to see? This session is a great orientation to review your current unit needs, how best to articulate your fundraising opportunities and to what audiences while working withing CAP’s regulation framework. Attendees will receive valuable insights and actionable steps to take home to their local unit.

Fundraising 102: Top Fundraising Tools Your Unit Can Use Today

This session will examine the top tools you can utilize to fundraise at the unit level. Designed for the unit fundraising team, attendees will leave with actual tools, ideas, and techniques. Who should attend: Commanders and Staff, Finance Officers, Public Affairs/Marketing personnel and anyone who wants to raise money for their units and leverage your unit’s strengths to get the money to fund your unit’s initiatives. Come with your questions and leave with the answers.

General Unit Fundraising Q&A:

Please join a member of the Development staff for a question-and-answer period for your fundraising questions and direction on how to find the right resources to be successful. (Note to meeting planner: this topic is a great pairing with another one of the listed sessions more so than offered as the only session or a space/table may be set-up in the Conference area with an advertised time for participants to stop by.)

Ensuring Your Wishes: Navigating Wills and End-of-Life Planning with Confidence

56% of Americans believe having a will is important, yet less than 33% have a documented plan. Estate planning is necessary in order to ensure that one's final wishes are recorded and carried out. In this session, attendees will learn what questions to ask before updating their estate, as well as important considerations for making advanced healthcare directives, a durable power of attorney, how to keep everything organized for your loved ones, and what happens to your digital assets (online presence) after death. Links to free resources will be provided. For those interested, this session will also include information about Civil Air Patrol’s Semper Vigilans Society and the CAP Foundation. This class is intended to offer information as a service to CAP members and is not to be construed as legal or financial advice.
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