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Fundraising FAQs

Do you have a question of the Field Fundraising Team? If so, contact us.


Click here to find field fundraising resources.

  • Should my CAP Unit donate or sponsor another charity?
  • Can my squadron (unit) participate in AmazonSmile?
  • How do I request an IRS letter in good standing for my unit?
  • How do I request a .org email address to use in fundraising?
  • How does my squadron receive a discount on Microsoft products, including Microsoft Teams, so we may work more effectively?
  • A member of our squadron requested a free non-profit account on Canva, do we qualify?
  • How can units request space for fundraising at a Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club location?
  • Our squadron would like to raise funds to provide financial assistance for a member who is in need. We would like to set-up GoFundMe account for then and contribute to it using unit funds and/or individual donations. Is this allowed?

Types of Fundraising Requests

  • Our squadron wants to hold a raffle, what should we consider?
  • Can units fundraise for a percentage of the proceeds?
  • Our squadron/wing is interested in applying for a federal grant, is this allowed?
  • Our squadron wants to participate in a parking lot/parking car fundraiser for a donation? What are the steps for approval?
  • May squadrons ask for donations/grants from a casino?
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