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Field Fundraising FAQ

Should my CAP Unit donate or sponsor another charity?
While Civil Air Patrol units may wish to donate to a qualified nonprofit organization, CAP units should always be good stewards of donated funds.  The perception/optics of raising money and then giving it to another organization can cause an incorrect perception and/or loss of trust from our donors and community.

The correct analysis and response to this query must be based on CAP being a 501(c)(3) under the IRS Code. Therefore, in order for this type of donation to be permissible we must consider the following:
  • Does the transaction advance CAP’s charitable mission (if the local unit meets at church facilities without a charge then under those circumstances a small donation may be permitted as a token of appreciation).
  • There must be no COI (conflict of interest) for any CAP person involved in the donation transaction.
  • There must be no violation of CAP donor restricted funds previously given to the local CAP unit.
  • There must be no misuse of funds by the receiving organization due to potential bad publicity from CAP supporting a failing entity.
  • No question that donating these funds will imperil CAP’s financial health.
  • It is prudent to consider all of this before being able to answer that it is acceptable for a local unit to donate funds or resources to another charity.
Can my squadron (unit) participate in AmazonSmile?

Currently, AmazonSmile doesn't allow for individual groups to sign up within the same Tax-ID Number. Unlike other online fundraising sites (like Facebook), NHQ does not receive detailed reporting to be able to designate dollars to squadrons. All AmazonSmile distributions are restricted to CAP’s national scholarship program which benefits cadets from every CAP Wing.

We are thrilled when people designate CAP and shop as it does raise important dollars for scholarships across the nation. AmazonSmile has donated over $30,000 (as of 11/2021) to Civil Air Patrol because of generous supporters.

If you are looking to grow revenue for the squadron,  take a look at encouraging members to search the employer matching companies on our website. You should have a number of members/parents who are current employees or retirees of qualifying companies in your area.

CAP supports the opportunity to conduct Facebook fundraising for local squadrons with proper approval. The guidance can also be found on our Field Fundraising website.

Take a look for tips and links for unit fundraising at

How do I request an IRS letter in good standing for my unit?

CAP Tax Exempt Status

An important part of soliciting donations or conducting fund raising activities is CAP’s federal tax exempt status. The IRS has ruled that CAP and its subordinate units are exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This makes donations to CAP eligible for deductions from income by donors as “charitable contributions” to the extent allowed by law. Verification of CAP’s tax exempt status may be found by referring to the IRS’s annual edition of “publication 78” or by requesting a current letter or exemption with your unit's information.

To request a letter of good standing, click here to email the following information:

Email should include
Subject: IRS Letter in Good Standing Request

Include in the body of the e-mail:

  • Your name and CAP ID

  • Your duty position

  • Full name of CAP Unit

  • Physical address of CAP Unit (street, city, state, zip)

  • Summary of how letter will be used to ask for what amount(s), for what purpose, and from what organization(s)

  • Do you have wing commander approval for this fundraising activity?

How do I request a .org email address to use in fundraising?

When to use a account?

According to CAPR 120-1 dated 1 October 2017 "6.9. Advertising or fundraising on any .gov domain is not permitted. For the purposes of this section, "advertising" does not include the recognition of individuals or companies that have demonstrated financial or other support to the performance of CAP missions. When such recognition is extended via links or references to non-CAP sites, a disclaimer, in no less than 8-point type, shall be clearly displayed stating: "LINKS OR REFERENCES TO INDIVIDUALS OR COMPANIES DO NOT CONSTITUTE AN ENDORSEMENTOF ANY INFORMATION, PRODUCT OR SERVICE YOU MAY RECEIVE FROM SUCH SOURCES.”

Typically, a request may be made if you are an active senior member and responsible for fundraising for your local unit. This request is not intended for cadets or for parents or non-active members.

Click here request a email account. All email requests must include a (CC) Carbon Copy to the Wing Commander before the request will be considered. Under no circumstance will a request be granted without allowing the Wing Commander to disapprove the request.

How does my squadron receive a discount on Microsoft products, including Microsoft Teams, so we may work more effectively?
As a nonprofit, CAP is eligible for FREE Office 365 tenants

  • To register for a nonprofit Office 365 license visit TechSoup
  • If you do not already have a TechSoup account you will need to create one which is where the IRS letter will be needed.  You will receive instructions on how to access the cloud-based software.
  • You will need a copy of the IRS letter showing our Tax-exempt status and our 501(c)(3) status.  The Tax-exempt status form can be found here 
  • For the most up-to-date infomation, check under Remote Operations for more information.
How does my unit request a fundraising donation button for our website?

Good news! We have plans to provide donation buttons for units who have moved their sites to the national website platform. As part of the 2022 strategic plan, your Field Fundraising team is working with the Marketing and Communications department, IT department and your Wing Administrator to roll-out the opportunity. Funds donated through the button on your page would be designated directly to your unit. We announced this opportunity at National Conference 2021, but have had to re-set the roll-out for this year. Want to see how it will work? Visit our giving pages.

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