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Wreaths Across America

Can local units sign the Location Coordinator or Group Leader policies from Wreaths Across America or do we send it to National for signature?

Per NHQ General Counsel, the unit contact can sign the new policy agreement as long as the unit commander has been notified and the unit has already received wing commander approval for the activity.  (3/2021)


At the beginning of each fiscal year, may a Wing Commander issue an approval letter for all units to participate in Wreaths Across America rather than waiting on individual unit requests?

The Wing Commander may provide a blanket approval for all units to participate in Wreaths Across America. However, for SUI and CI compliance, each unit should maintain a copy of the letter of approval for their records. 

Also, knowing that every unit participates in WAA differently, it is recommended each unit still submit an ORM and plan for how their ceremonies will be conducted, how members will participate, etc to assist with any concerns for safety or other issues that might arise.  Keep in mind, the Wing Commander's approval process is to ensure units are complying with state and federal guidelines as well as CAPRs regarding fundraising and safety - a blanket approval is acceptable, but it does not eliminate the commander's awareness of what the units are doing.

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