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How do I request a .org email address to use in fundraising?

When to use a account?

According to CAPR 120-1 dated 1 October 2017 "6.9. Advertising or fundraising on any .gov domain is not permitted. For the purposes of this section, "advertising" does not include the recognition of individuals or companies that have demonstrated financial or other support to the performance of CAP missions. When such recognition is extended via links or references to non-CAP sites, a disclaimer, in no less than 8-point type, shall be clearly displayed stating: "LINKS OR REFERENCES TO INDIVIDUALS OR COMPANIES DO NOT CONSTITUTE AN ENDORSEMENTOF ANY INFORMATION, PRODUCT OR SERVICE YOU MAY RECEIVE FROM SUCH SOURCES.”

Typically, a request may be made if you are an active senior member and responsible for fundraising for your local unit. This request is not intended for cadets or for parents or non-active members.

Click here request a email account. All email requests must include a (CC) Carbon Copy to the Wing Commander before the request will be considered. Under no circumstance will a request be granted without allowing the Wing Commander to disapprove the request.

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