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How does my unit request a fundraising donation button for our website?

The website donation module is an integrated feature on CAP SiteViz websites which streamlines and enhances fundraising efforts. It provides a centralized landing page for secure online donations, promoting ways to give for donors, and inspiring donor trust in the organization. 

This project is part of CAP's strategic plan, your Field Fundraising team has been working with Marketing and Communications, IT, and Financial Management departments to roll-out the opportunity. Funds donated through the button on your page would be designated directly to your unit.  Sign-Up for our Field Fundraising E-Newsletter to receive updates and learn more about the success of this program. The donation module launched July 18th, 2023.

While the main donation page will be static for units (including the donation button specific to the unit) additional pages for fundraising activities may be added within the SiteViz module. Work with your Wing PAO and/IT for more information about SiteViz.



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