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How will funds received through our unit donation button be received by our unit? Who can review the reports?

Your Wing Admin will be responsible for pulling monthly reports and transferring funds to your account. Please be aware that reports will be pulled on the 15th of the month for the prior month's activity. For example, a gift made on July 1st would not be accessible by your wing administrator until after August 15th and would likely arrive in he squadron's account by the 1st of September.

Regarding report access, both your Wing Administrator and the Wing Financial Analyst will have access. Members at the squadron and wing levels (including wing finance or command staff) will not have access to run the donation reports because the reports are tied to the payment processing system (Stripe) which is not an open platform.

CAP's financial management department has been a strong partner in the set-up to figure out best options. Prior to the donation module launch, Wing Administrators received back-up documentation from NHQ when a gift is transferred with little detail beyond name and purpose. The new reports will be much more encompassing so you can steward your donors. However, anonymous donors will remain anonymous per their request.

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