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Our squadron would like to raise funds to provide financial assistance for a member who is in need. We would like to set-up GoFundMe account for then and contribute to it using unit funds and/or individual donations. Is this allowed?

We do offer the CAP Response Fund under certain circumstances. You can read more here.

We do see this type of activity occur frequently to support funeral expenses, medical expenses, recovery from unexpected home damage, etc. It's a nice way to support fellow members, however CAP resources or an official tie to CAP is prohibited.

When people give to support a specific individual, please note the gifts are not tax deductible, nor should it be received or receipted by CAP. We recommend a GoFundMe account to be set up and managed by an individual. CAP is unable to serve as the repository for funds including the processing of funds and/or making payments to individuals. Also, use of CAP's brand or portraying the fundraiser as an official CAP activity is prohibited.

For more information regarding CAP's crowdfunding guidance, please visit this page.


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