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Our unit is utilizing SiteViz and the donation button. We noticed a gift we received is less than the donor gave? Are there fees included when a person makes a donation?

The platform fee for the donation button is currently 4%, as there is not a cost for the software. We expect with a higher volume of transactions to negotiate a lower rate in the future.

The transaction fee by the vendor allows the full use of their AI driven software to drive matching employer donations, as well as conversion to monthly donations. There are other engagement opportunities for tributes, sharing to social media, etc. Plus, they provide an automated IRS compliant tax receipt. All of these items raise the overall level of donations for the charity.

We have utilized this software at NHQ since last year and have experienced a strong increase in completed transactions and higher donation amounts per donor. You may be interested to know 85% of CAP donors have covered this payment processing and the transaction cost.

Before the donor completes the transaction, they will have a chance to review the transaction costs and may choose to deselect the checkbox which says “cover transaction costs.” If this happens, then the transaction costs are deducted from the gift before it is transferred to your unit account.

We did review other donation platforms with lower fees, but the cost to pay the vendor for their platform and the management of an organization the size of CAP with more than 1,400 units was cost prohibitive.  Having a unified system that is easy to set-up and use, plus the benefits of engaging donors for local units made this vendor the best choice.

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