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Matching Gifts FAQ

What are Matching Gifts?

More than 20,000 employers will match employee/retiree donations to Civil Air Patrol and/or volunteer service hours to CAP by their employees and in some cases, their retirees.

We recognize approximately 2% of our membership takes advantage of this opportunity when the benchmark standard is up to 10% of our adult members are eligible.

Companies usually match donations at a 1:1 ratio, but some will match at a 2:1, 3:1, or even a 4:1 ratio.

Did You know? 78% of match-eligible donors that have no idea their company offers a matching gifts program?

This is an important charitable dollar source to our organization. CAP members, parents, extended family and friends who are employees of the aforementioned companies may make a general contribution or designate their local squadron, wing, or favorite CAP program

Search here to search for companies! 

I'm a Donor/ When Will My Unit Receive the Funds (aka The Process)

Double the Donation Process

  • Donor checks to see if their employer participates via the CAP link
  • Donor completes paperwork-MUST list designated squadron-submits to POC usually HR or Gifts Manager
  • Employer processes for payroll and/or volunteer gift hours (2 separate programs)-monthly or quarterly
  • Employer transmits to 3rd party vendor (Benevity, YourCause, Truist, etc)-monthly or quarterly
  • 3rd party vendor processes and transmits to NHQ – monthly or quarterly
  • NHQ Development Dept processes monthly and transmits to NHQ Financial Management Dept for processing
  • Financial Management processes and transmits to Wing Administrator within 2 weeks
  • Wing Administrators processes and transmits to squadron within 2-4 weeks

Best Practices

  • If you have questions regarding receipt, check with your Wing Administrator FIRST given the above timeline.   If not received, they will contact NHQ on your behalf.
  • Promote the program/share the link (members, spouses, parents, alumni)
  • Ask members to update employment data in E-Services.
  • Add link to your website  Search today! 
  • No need to get approval from Wing Commander for this program or for Wings to track as fundraising approval. Program is managed at NHQ and falls into the same category of reporting as if unit received a check in the mail from a supportive donor.

Contact Us here or questions/assistance in the process.

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