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CAP Foundation Diversity Scholarship

Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in CAP 

The Civil Air Patrol Foundation Diversity Scholarship is your pathway to realizing your potential within CAP, irrespective of your background or resources. We believe in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion at all levels within CAP, and this scholarship is a testament to that commitment. It was created to facilitate the ability of CAP Cadets and Senior Members from historically underrepresented, underserved, and under-resourced communities to access and participate in CAP activities. Our goal is to spend 10% annually to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within CAP. 

Why the CAP Foundation Diversity Scholarship? 

1. Empowering Diverse Voices: We aim to assist and encourage qualified CAP members from diverse backgrounds to participate in CAP activities and programs at various levels. From local units to Wing, Region, and National activities, our scholarship opens doors to leadership, learning, and growth. 

2. Fostering Leadership: We are dedicated to helping members from diverse identity groups who aspire to lead within CAP. We provide the financial support needed to turn aspirations into realities. 

3. Breaking Down Barriers: Our scholarship acts as a recruitment and retention tool for squadrons supporting historically underrepresented communities. We understand the initial hurdles faced, from membership fees to uniform costs, and we're here to help you overcome them. 

Who's Eligible? 

If you're a CAP Cadet or Senior Member from historically underrepresented, underserved, and under-resourced communities, you're eligible for this scholarship. We believe in equal opportunities for all. 

How Much Can You Receive? 

Recipients may receive up to $1000 to cover the costs of CAP activities, programs, courses, associated travel, uniform expenses, and other related costs. 

Guidance & Examples: 
  • One award per member or per squadron for recruitment and retention per year. 

  • Examples of supported activities include Wing Encampment, Region Cadet Leadership School, National Cadet Competition, National Cadet Special Activities, Wing and Region Conferences, and Senior Professional Development Training. 

Eligibility Criteria: 

Members participating in CAP activities and programs for the first time in their current role are eligible. For example, a cadet who participates as a student one year and as a staff member the next year may be eligible both times. 

How to Apply? 

To apply for the CAP Foundation Diversity Scholarship, click here to submit a CAP Foundation Diversity Scholarship Application Form. Additionally, provide a letter outlining your intentions within CAP and the anticipated impact of your participation in the particular program or activity for which you are requesting support. 

Diversity is our strength, and this scholarship program is a step towards a more inclusive and equitable CAP. Apply now and be part of our commitment to fostering diversity within CAP.


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