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Employer Matching

The matching gifts program is great for maximizing your donation dollar. Many employers will match your gift dollar for dollar or even triple your gift!

Matching gifts will be allocated to the donor's designation, if requested, unless company policy requires distribution to a general fund. To find out if your employer participates in this program, please search for your employer in the search tool above.

Thank you for checking to see if your employer will match your gift!

If your employer participates in this program, click "Go to Matching Gift Form" within the search results and fill out the paperwork. Please list Civil Air Patrol’s National Headquarters address to be sure your funds are properly designated.

Civil Air Patrol - Development 
105 S. Hansell Street, Building 714 
Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6332


Please note:  Many companies use 3rd party providers to distribute payments.  Our office verifies company requests once a week.  Companies may pay out monthly or quarterly. It is reasonable to expect that matching gifts may take at minimum 90-days (and upwards to 120-days) for processing from the company to Civil Air Patrol and from Civil Air Patrol to the designated program or squadron. If you have questions or concerns regarding the corporate matching gifts or would like additional information about gift options, please contact the development office at (334) 953-9003 or use the e-mail link above.



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