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Tribute Gifts

Gifts Made in Honor and in Memory

Join us in honoring the memory of loved ones or celebrating the lives of cherished individuals by making a tribute gift. Your donation not only pays homage to their legacy but also supports Volunteers serving America's communities, saving lives, and shaping futures.

In Honor Of:

Cadet Airman Elizabeth Anne Brophy

by Ms. Anne Brophy

Cadet Airman Levi Buckwalter

by Ms. Marcia Buckwalter

Mr. Frank Cumbie

by 1st Lt. Curtis F. Cumbie

Ms. Katie Einsohn

by Ms. Amy Helsel and Mr. Jeremy Swerling

2nd Lt. Stephen J. Geist

by Maj. W.L. Pat Patterson

Cadet Airman 1st Class Sarina Katz

by 2nd Lt. Bruce P. Preston

Maj. Pamela Morgan

by Ms. Brigette Rose

Ms. Heidi Morr

by Anonymous Donor

Lt. Col. Gregory Nastrom

by Lt. Col. Reno Marquardt

Ms. Cindy O’Sullivan

by Col. John F. O’Sullivan, USAF (Ret.)

Maj. Gen. Edward D. Phelka

by Col. Fred Rosenberg

Mr. James Ridley

by Mr. Brandon Loschiavo

Mr. David Stein

by Ms. Deena Spector

Cadet Tech Sgt. Joshua Trias

by Mr. Eric Trias

Lt. Col. James Zavala

by Mismak Teferi

In Memory Of:

Cadet 2nd Lt. Jason Brunsman

by Senior Member David M. Brunsman

Maj. Mark Burchfield

by Mr. Kenneth Claar

by Mr. Howard Daniels

by Mr. and Mrs. Ottis and Sonya Frim

by Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Glenda Heysey

by Mr. Thomas McCune

by Mr. Stewart Tischler

by Mr. Mark Tomlinson

by Mr. Ken Worley

Maj. James Capozzi

by Anonymous Donors

by Ms. Karla Packer

by Mr. James Van Schaick

Mr. Russell Coy

by Capt. David R. Coy

Mr. Lars Gerhard

by Capt. and Mrs. Martin Gerhard

Cadet Tech Sgt. Taylore Jean Jones

by Ms. Ayla Gavins

Capt. Kenneth Korwin

by Ms. Alyssa Diggs

Mr. Malcolm Kyser

by Mrs. Donna Bass Maraman

1st Lt. Dean Magee

by Ms. Grace McKnight

Lt. Col. Walter Piotrowski

by Mr. Billie O’Neil

Lt. Col. Daniel Roman

by Anonymous Donors

Maj. Frank Ross

by Capt. Shirley Brooks

1st Lt. Matthew Stickney

by Ms. Margaret Kissel

by Mr. Alan Lemon

by Ms. Susan Machiela

Col. Benjamin Stone

by Senior Member Kenneth Goss

Capt. Edward Todd Jr.

by Mr. Douglas Crump

by Mr. David Eaton

Mr. Patrick Zembower

by Mr. Dennis Zembower


To make an online gift in honor or memory of someone special, visit Gifts may also be made via mail to the PO Box listed below.

Civil Air Patrol - Tributes

PO Box 9251

Montgomery, AL 36108-2342



*The obituaries linked on this webpage were neither generated nor reviewed for accuracy by Civil Air Patrol.

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