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Brightline Bags

BrightLine Bags, Inc, is teaming up with the Civil Air Patrol to offer a 10% discount on its popular FLEX System series of Pilot Flight Bags.

Because of the positive feedback from actual CAP pilots and aircrew, BrightLine Bags wanted to offer the bag to CAP aircrew at a discounted price. BrightLine Bags understands the important mission of the Civil Air Patrol, and with its increasing responsibilities in Homeland Security, Search and Rescue, and Disaster Relief, is pleased to be able to offer such a program to its members.

BrightLine Bags Pilot Flight Bag is a flight bag like no other. The bag is currently being utilized by pilots in over 45 countries, and is being used in active duty Homeland Security Helicopter Squadrons, Air Force Bomber and Special Ops Squadrons, and Army Aviation Squadrons. In addition to GA and Military, the bag is carried by Captains and crew of almost every commercial carrier.

Some of the features of the Pilot Flight Bag include:
• Modular design to allow you to build bigger or smaller bags to carry more or less gear each day according to your mission that day.
• Perfect size for headsets, all the basic flight gear, emergency supplies, 13” laptop and iPad, etc.
• Lots of pockets which allows you to organize your gear like never before.
• Color coded zippers for easy, sure access to exactly the right item the first time every time.
• Modular design makes it easy to fit the bag into any cockpit.
• Always have just the right bag with just the right gear.

A current CAP member/pilot Flight has this to say about the Pilot Flight bag:

“I have flown with this flight bag on all my CAP flight for the last 6 months. The bag uniquely organizes all the items I need to fly our missions, including IFR charts and approach plates, and its size is perfect for C-172 and C-182 aircraft. I would not fly with any other flight bag.”
W.C. Courtney, Lt Col, CAP

An online Video Demonstration of The FLEX System can be viewed at

BrightLine Bags is honored to be working with the Civil Air Patrol and feels their Pilot Flight Bag fits in perfectly with the CAP mission. With its small size, amazing carrying capacity, and versatility, we hope that other CAP aircrews will enjoy it as much as those who currently use it. We look forward to serving you.

To purchase a FLEX System Bag and receive your CAP discount, log into the CAP site with your membership login.  Find the BrightLine Bags discount coupon code under the CAP Supporters link in your eServices.  And then go to and pick out just the right FLEX System bag for you.  When you check-out on the BrightLine Bags shopping cart, enter the coupon code and your 10% discount will appear in your subtotal.

To purchase the Pilot Flight Bag and receive your CAP discount, please go to and click on the “Buy Online” button. Follow the instructions and enter the coupon code under the CAP Supporters link in your eServices account.

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