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SkySectionals CAP Charts

SkySectionals logoSkySectionals created a new line of charts that included the CAP search grid overlaid on each sectional. Plotting conventional CAP grids can become quite tedious. The grid overlay included on each CAP chart sectional provides the conventional CAP grid: 15-minute by 15-minute quadrangle grids further subdivided into 7.5-minute A-B-C-D grids. The chart grid lines and identifiers are semi-transparent, making them easy to see whle also ensuring that the chart information isn’t obscured. To see a how-to-use video or download a sample chart visit

SkySectionals CAP charts are sized perfectly for a kneeboard or a binder. And like all SkySectionals, the charts are provided electronically as PDF files for immediate download and printing after purchase. Visit

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