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Sample MOU


Updated  24 July 2023

This UPDATED SAMPLE MOU template should be used for the drafting of a MOU that authorizes missions, including wing and local MOUs. The template describes those basic missions the CAP may perform for the state which have been pre-authorized. Accordingly, use of the UPDATED MOU Template will simplify NHQ CAP review as well as expedited approval.  Wings should develop all MOUs in coordination with their Wing Legal Officer and include a Wing Legal Officer final review of the proposed MOU prior to sending it to NHQ/GC for approval and signature.

Typically wings will have one MOU with their state which encompasses all mission types performed for or through the state; the UPDATED MOU Template (linked above) may be utilized for purpose, and may tailored to include all  missions requested from gov’t agencies at all levels (national, state, local, etc.).

Important: All MOUs must be developed in compliance with the guidance provided in CAPR 111-2, Memorandum of Understanding.  Click here to go directly to CAPR 111-2.

Note: Normally, each CAP wing has only one wing MOU with the state, although it is sometimes necessary for a wing to negotiate separate agreements or an abbreviated MOU with several state agencies.  To the extent reasonable possible, it is preferred that a single MOU address all of CAP’s responsibilities to a state and its agencies.  In accordance with CAPR 111-2, 3.c. (2) & (3), we have made available for the Wing to utilize this avenue with an “abbreviated” MOU.  The abbreviated MOU provides agencies a source to request CAP’s assistance under Wings State MOU.  Provided below are a couple sample abbreviated MOUs:

Abbreviated MOU Template          Abbreviated MOU Sample

A request for assistance (RFA) can also be provided typically using a one page letter or short email message to a Federal agency that requests assistance and sets forth the legal authority for granting the assistance.  A sample RFA is provided at:

If you have any questions regarding this document please contact Becky Lee, Paralegal, Office of the General Counsel.  (1-877-227-9142, ext. 234, or

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