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Registration Zone

Registration Zone is Now Live (October 31, 2023)

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Registration Zone Video (October 16, 2023)

National Commanders Email (October 16, 2023)

In one of my first conversations with our CIO after taking command, we spoke about our vision for a single event registration system for all of Civil Air Patrol.   I am excited to say, that our vision is being realized in the upcoming Registration Zone application!  The objective is to consolidate our disconnected event management capabilities into a unified enterprise solution across Civil Air Patrol (CAP). This digital transformation project eliminates the complexities associated with members having to engage with multiple vendors for payments, invitations, notifications, and event tracking. Registration Zone has been developed to serve as a centralized hub, offering members a single, comprehensive platform for all CAP events, thereby simplifying event management, and reducing burden on our members.

The rollout of the Enterprise Event Registration application has been carefully designed to allow members to begin benefiting from this new capability incrementally, with a steady introduction of features through various releases.

Key Milestones:

Release 1 - Basic Features (Available early November): This initial release focuses on essential features, including administration management, event setup, self-service customization, and attendance tracking. Members can use it for events without payments or health information starting in early November.

Release 2 - Payments (January 2024): This release introduces payment management, allowing fee setup and online payments directly into the sponsoring units financial institutions, enhancing user convenience.

Release 3 - Parent or Guardian Registration (February 2024): This release extends the application's reach to parents and guardians, enabling them to register their children for events, manage accounts, and more.

Release 4 - Medical Integration (June 2024): The final release integrates the application with health information necessary to participate in events, streamlining the capture and secure management of health-related information.

I want to express my gratitude for the cross functional team that is bringing this capability to Civil Air Patrol.  Representative from Cadet Programs, Operations, Safety, Personnel and Membership, Learning and IT; both employees and volunteers, have worked tirelessly to design, test and deploy Registration Zone!

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