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2023 Maj. Gen. Mark Smith JanEX Prize Competition FAQs

1.     What is JanEX?
       a.     JanEX is a national staff team with the mission to reflect leadership’s intention to transition to a culture of experimentation. JanEX's namesake, Janus (the Roman god of transitions) demonstrates CAP's intent to transition to a culture of EXperimentation.

2.    What is the time frame for the Maj. Gen. Mark Smith JanEX Prize for Innovation competition submissions?
       a.    For 2023, the submission form will be open from May 2, 2023, through May 31, 2023.  


3.    Can I get help from someone to refine my submission? For instance, I have a general idea I’d like to propose but would like to brainstorm about the problem statement or opportunity.
       a.    Yes, the JanEX team is offering two online coaching sessions. On May 10 and May 24, the JanEX Team and members of CAP’s Project Mercury community will be available to speak with members. The meetings are intended to be open house style, so attendees can drop in to talk and leave when their questions are addressed. If you would like to attend, please submit your request to sign up for coaching.


4.    What is HUBCAP?
       a.    HUBCAP is a way for members to submit innovative solutions as a resource for other members to use. Examples include Google Sheets/Excel formulas, cadet testing trackers, and more. The module is in eServices and is overseen by the CAP IT Technical Advisory Group. Members may also provide feedback for each other, furthering leadership's mission to create a culture of experimentation.


5.    Will HUBCAP items be considered in this year’s competition?
       a.    Yes, any HUBCAP submissions after August 1, 2022, will be included in the evaluation for the prize. HUBCAP submitters will be invited to complete the submission form which will give the Pit Crew (member evaluation team) the information they need to understand the proposal.


6.    When will competitors be notified whether they have been selected for the showcase at National Conference?
       a.    June 2023


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