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2022 Maj. Gen. Mark Smith JanEX Prize Competition FAQs


Major General Mark Smith



1. What is the difference between submitting an idea and submitting to HUBCAP?

HUBCAP was designed as a space to share products with fellow CAP members.If you have code or other materials that you have created and are willing to allow members to use, HUBCAP is the correct repository.

The form collects ideas that a member would like to share to solve a problem.All that is required is the description of the problem, a possible solution to be explored, constraints to implementation of the idea and the value the solution would bring to CAP


Ideas = Form


Invention = HUBCAP


2. When will inventors be notified whether they have been selected for the showcase at National Conference?

June 2022


3. What are the requirements for presenting at the National Conference?

Winners will be asked to work with the JanEX team to refine their message and record a brief pitch.


4. What is JanEX?

Janus was the Roman god of transitions. CAP has selected The JanEX Project to reflect leadership’s intention to transition to a culture of experimentation.  There will be more information to share about The JanEX Project during the launch at National Conference.



2022 Maj. Gen. Mark Smith "JanEX" Prize Submission 100 Ideas in 100 Days


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