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2023 Maj. Gen. Mark Smith JanEX Prize Competition

The JanEX Innovation Team is pleased to announce the launch of the 2023 Maj. Gen. Mark Smith JanEX Prize for Innovation competition! With the mission to encourage constant growth, improvement, and experimentation in CAP, this competition is a reflection of leadership’s intention to transition to such a culture. However, in order to improve, we need innovative ideas! The JanEX Prize Competition, named after Maj. Gen. Mark Smith, is a way to receive such ideas.

Compete in this competition by submitting innovative ideas! All CAP members are encouraged to submit creative ideas that they believe can improve the organization as a whole. Whether that be as a team or as individuals, JanEX aims to foster a culture of creativity. The top three ideas will be presented with Bronze, Silver, and Gold prizes at the 2023 National Conference, which may then be pursued for implementation by the national staff. Winners are selected based on their impact and benefit to CAP mission execution. 


For the 2023 competition, our team invites our innovative members to spend the month of May thinking about innovation in a “NUEW” way! Ideas are encouraged to be:

30 Days of “NUEW”

New: Is it something that's never been done before?

Useful: Will it bring real value to CAP and address a real problem or opportunity?

Ethical: Does it align with our core values?

WOW: Is it awesome?


Ideas can be submitted using the Competition Submission Form below and will be accepted from May 2 - May 31, 2023. To provide support to our members, the JanEX team will be holding workshops on May 10 and May 24 with our partners at CAP Project Mercury. These workshops will be online webinars to help members refine their submissions. Details for these workshops will be forthcoming. We are very excited to partner with member inventors for this fun event and look forward to receiving innovative submissions!

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