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Dare to Reimagine CAP Member Development Platform (D2R)

Dare to Reimagine (D2R) Civil Air Patrol
Member Application Development Sandbox
Where innovators go to thrive!


What is D2R? 
A cloud environment sponsored and paid for by CAP NHQ, where members can innovate IT solutions for their Units, Wings or Regions.


What’s available in D2R?
A suite of application development and data/analytics tools for the novice experimenter as well as the seasoned developer.

An enhanced CAPWATCH data set with additional WMIRS and AMRAD fields for the first time!

End users will be able to access member developed applications through the “D2R App Store” once they are in production

 Novice Experimenter?
The No Code/Low Code options allow non-technical people to develop solutions using graphical tools. That means no coding experience is required!  If you can follow prompts/instructions, drag and drop, you can innovate!


Seasoned Developer?
If you are an experienced coder, D2R will provide you with the latest development tools including a development, test and production environment, Agile tools and more! 

Pilot launches this summer with members of the Technical Advisory Group and Functional Users Group leading the development and testing! 




Expected go-live
January 2024


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