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Dare to Reimagine CAP Member Development Platform (D2R) FAQs

  1. Will member technologists be able to collaborate on development work?

    1. Yes, technologists will be able to work in teams if they wish to do so.  All members of the team will have to have a Mendix account in order to form a team.

  2. Is there a preference for setting the development area up to reflect Agile processes or more flexible?

    1. Ask the technologists

  3. If the environment is set up to reflect Agile processes, are the member technologists using no code/low code only required to use agile as well?

    1. Ask the technologists

  4. Can you pull the data out of the system?

    1. Data will be available for use within the application sandbox for development.

    2. Data will be available within any applications that are posted to the D2R App Store

    3. Data will not be available for extraction outside of the sandbox environment.

  5. If you can pull data out of the system, what are the data security measures?

    1. See above

  6.  What is the funding available for national-level member-development?

    1. The environment is set up as an enterprise program.  It is being funded by NHQ in total. 

    2. Applications developed in the D2R platform will be available to any member with a or email address.  However, these applications will not be part of eServices.  See tiered description in response to question #9.

  7. How is the national-volunteer relationship going to work

    1. ??

  8. Who will be leading each segment?

    1. ??

  9. How will co-development work; previous precedent was that it wouldn't occur

    1. Co-development of sandbox applications is encouraged. 

    2. Co-development of eServices, applications of record, will not be permitted. 

  1. How will this impact existing member-developments (e.g. MRAP)

    1. Initially, it won’t impact member owned/developed systems.  Participation in the D2R pilot is voluntary.

    2. When scaled to an enterprise solution, all data will be delivered withing the D2R environment and all CAP member applications must be hosted in the sandbox.

  2. NHQ representation to member-developments (e.g. MRAP)

    1. Technical support for the Mendix platform will be provided by the vendor

  3. What are the security objectives?

    1. Data, data, data

    2. Visibility and control of CAP’s corporate IT risk profile as part of the adoption of an enterprise risk management framework. 

  4. Will this environment allow us to automate things like mailing list membership in Office 365 and Google Workspace? If yes, how? Can we do Powershell scripts in this environment, such that they talk to Office 365 Cmdlets?

  5. If we want to show data to someone else within CAP, what are the options for sharing such data? For example, if I create an app that compiles data to indicate which people’s Operations Qualifications are about to expire, how could we share the resulting data with a non-technical person in the appropriate Wing/Squadron? Do they have to log in to the Mendix system, or can we send a PDF report to that person via email, etc?

  6. Can processes be scheduled? For example, everyday at 0500 run code that checks to see if anyone received an award and email the personnel officer or reminders about events scheduled for that day.

  7. Will programs have the ability to access external APIs on the internet? Such as ADSB or weather data?

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