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Learn More About CAP's Innovation Program



Innovation is now a Strategic Initiative!

Innovate and explore new ways to provide relevant solutions to the dynamic nation we serve!

  • Civil Air Patrol Strategic Plan 2022-2026, Goal #3


What is JanEX?


JanEX is a national staff team dedicated to implementing leadership's intention to promote creativity in the program. It takes inspiration from its namesake, Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and transitions. A symbol of moving forward while honoring the past, the JanEX team is committed to fostering a national culture of creative improvement through EXperimentation. By embracing learning rather than fearing failure, we are moving Civil Air Patrol to a culture of experimentation!


How Does Innovation Work?​

Successful innovation relies on diverse skills and ways of working!  Leveraging the work of Dr. Jeff DeGraff, CAP embraces the importance of constructive conflict to drive inspiration! We need the visionaries, the engineers, the goal-oriented, and the team builders. There is a role for everyone in the innovation program!






Participate in the 2023 Maj. Gen. Mark Smith JanEX Prize for Innovation Competition!

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