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Learn More About CAP's Innovation Program



CAP’s Innovation Program Guiding Principles​

All innovation has value; however CAP’s highest priority is to unearth existing or discover new innovations that improve the way CAP executes its mission; ease the burden on CAP members, and experiment with new capabilities



How does innovation work?​

The program has two pathways for innovations to bloom. At the strategic level, the Command Team continues to embed enterprise level innovation in CAP’s organizational planning.  The unique aspect of CAP’s program is its focus on grassroots, member driven innovation through HUBCAP!




How do I get involved?​
Try HUBCAP, CAP Members’ Innovation Marketplace


Have you created an innovation that addressed a roadblock for your unit? HUBCAP is an eServices application, designed by volunteers, where inventors can share their solutions with other
members. Submissions are vetted by the Innovation Pit Crew, a group of volunteers who ensure regulatory and safety compliance and are committed to making solutions available.       
Users can find approved tools on HUBCAP, reuse, and rate them online.  Learn more about how members are helping members using HUBCAP here!


Have questions? Contact the team at

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