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National Conference Innovation Competition FAQ'S




1. I don’t know how to use HUBCAP.  Are there instructions?
Yes, please visit for a short video instruction on how to submit.

2.Does the invention have to be an IT Tool?
No, the invention can be a toolkit, such as a PowerPoint or Excel sheet, or a physical device.  These types of submissions can be entered into HUBCAP with the following hints about using the existing data fields:

  • Collaboration Link: not required

  • Repo link: not required

  • Required platform: not required; can enter the office tools, such as PowerPoint, Excel, etc

  • Languages: not required

  • File to be uploaded: upload the associated files OR images of the physical device you have invented

3. I already have submitted my invention to HUBCAP.  Do I need to resubmit it in order to qualify for the competition?

  • No, all current HUBCAP submissions will automatically be entered into the competition.  

4. Who is reviewing the entries/determining the winners?
All entries will undergo a preliminary review by the volunteer Pit Crew.  The finalists will be asked to present at the National Conference where the selection will be made by the National Command Team


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