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IG Audience

IG Audience

Current Edition:


January 2023

Cycle 6 Discrepancies for Wing Level CI

Roles of Wing/Region IGs in CR

Progressing Through IG Specialty Track

Training Updates for 2023

Previous Editions:


October 2022

Closing Discrepancies On Site

The Command Inquiry (CIQ)

Preparing For A CI - Part 2

Clarification SUI Tab E1

July 2022

Repeat Discrepancies

Required Duty Positions

Preparing for Compliance Inspection

Assist & Eagle Look

IG College 2022

Q & A

April 2022

History of discrepancies
AE Inspections part 2
Complaint Resolution 
Chain of command
Upcoming training
Q & A

January 2022

  • Answer to Practice Complaint from October
  • What About Inspection Worksheets
  • Updates to Courses
  • Q&A
  • New Feature - Commanders' Corner

October 2021

  • Practice Complaint
  • How To Write A Commendable
  • Updates to Courses
  • Q&A

July 2021

  • CAP/IG's Assessment of the IG Program
  • Status of New Complaint Resolution Process
  • Why a Commander Should Know About the IG Program
  • Loading Discrepancies Into DTS
  • Inspection Interview Techniques

April 2021

  • Answer to Last Quarter's Complaint Exercise
  • Attitudes Towards SUIs
  • Virtual Compliance Inspections
  • A Look Back At Cycle 5 Discrepancies
  • More Information on Training
  • Contributions From The Field

January 2021

  • New Complaint Exercise
  • Educating the Force
  • More on Repeat Discrepancies
  • Discussion of Tab E-1, Question 1
  • More Answers to Readers' Questions

October 2020

  • Answer to July's Complaint Exercise
  • Answers to readers' questions
  • More on new Complaint Resolution Process
  • Changes to IG Training Programs

July 2020

  • New Complaint Analysis Exercise
  • Answers to readers' questions
  • More on new Complaint Resolution Process
  • Inspections? Complaints?
  • Changes to IG Training Programs

April 2020

  • Announcement of New Complaint Resolution Process
  • Answer to previous edition Complaint Analysis Exercise
  • New Grading Scale for Inspections
  • Inspection Q&As
  • Specialty Track Rating Processing
  • Current News Items

January 2020

  • New Complaint Analysis Exercise
  • Repeat Discrepancies
  • Annual Refresher Training
  • Current New Items

October 2019

  • Answer to the Complaint of the Quarter
  • Common Mistakes on Compliance Inspection for Sub-Unit Reports
  • Current News Items

July 2019

  • Complaint of the Quarter
  • SUI In-brief/Out-brief
  • Creating a SUI Report
  • Current News Items

April 2019

  • Online Complaint Submission
  • Inspections - Team Chief Duties
  • Changes Coming to the IG Senior Course
  • Region IG Summits

January 2019

  • Moving Towards Continuous Compliance
  • A Complaint Analysis - Part II
  • Inspection Regulation Changes
  • Feeling Bad about your Last Compliance Inspection?
  • Wing IG Program Submissions and Region IG Review/Reporting

October 2018

  • Changes in CI Grading and Group Inspections
  • A Complaint Analysis Exercise
  • The SUI Plan of Action
  • The IG Specialty Track
  • Myths ... and Other Urban Legends
  • What is a Comma Worth?
  • Tracking IG Training using the IG Course Completion Report

July 2018

  • In-residence IG Courses, Seminars and Briefs
  • The Read-In Document
  • Inspections: The Grade Calculator and Report
  • Using your Region/Wing Conference to Educate CAP Members
  • 2018 IG College - Post Report

April 2018

  • CAPR 20-1 Paragraph Clarifications
  • Witnesses and Confidentiality
  • Areas of Concern 
  • Welcome to the 21st Century!
  • Previous Training Still Applies but ...
  • 2018 IG College - Last Update

January 2018

  • A Few Common Mistakes in ECIM
  • Should an Inspection Augmentee have Access to SUI Documents? 
  • The Ongoing Need for Continuity Books
  • How Much Onsite Time should be Required for SUIs?
  • 2018 IG College Updates

October 2017

  • Complaint Dispositions
  • CI/SUI Discrepancy Trend Analysis
  • New IG Courses in LMS and Credit for previous course work
  • IG College Update

July 2017 

  • Dealing with Anonymous Complaints
  • Required Duty Positions in Subordinate Units
  • Coming soon to the Learning Management System (LMS)
  • IG College Update

April 2017

  • What's new in the 20-2 (Replacing the 123-2)
  • What's new in the 20-3 (Replacing the 123-3)
  • Too much of a Good thing?
  • Inspection Sampling.
  • IG Audience What's New

January 2017

  • New CAP IG Assigned
  • Total Force Challenges
  • The Necessity for the Execution of Non-sworn Statements by Subjects and Witnesses
  •  Outdated CI and SUI Questions
  • The Commendable Conundrum
  • Low Rated Pubic Affairs (PA) Tab on SUIs

October 2016

  • What Happens to Inspection Questions when CAP Regulations Change?
  • Status of Module Report Capability & Implementation
  • Electronic CAPF 45

July 2016

  • ECIM Case Notes
  • Most Common SUI Discrepancies and the Fix
  • CI/SAV/SUI Worksheet Completion
  • SUI Anniversary Dates

April 2016

  • New IGQ
  • IG College Update
  • Who must take which IG Course
  • ECIM and the Commander Directed Investigation
  • HHQ Directives vs Wing Implemented Directives
  • Who must enroll in a Specialty Track
  • Interviewing Cadets vs Officers and Handling Complaints from Parents 

January 2016

  • Trouble Getting the SUI Scheduled?
  • Setting the Tone for an SUI
  • Steps to Complete an SUI
  • Records Accountability and Control for Proof of Compliance
  • Mentoring SUI Team Member Candidates

October 2015

  • Selecting a new IG College Location
  • Confusion over the IG Refresher Course
  • Plans of Action for Discrepancy Closure
  • Changing the “Fill the Square” Mentality in Compliance
  • What is the Ideal Complaint Analysis?

July 2015

·        DTS

·        Unit Safety Meeting Discrepancies

·        Keeping IG Data Secure

·        Best Practices

·        Utilize Your Legal Officer


April 2015 – IG Refresher Credit, SUI Team Chief Hints, ROI Legal Officer Review, How Much SUI Documentation?, Wing IG Post-CI Responsibilities


January 2015 – Getting Out in Front of It, IG Summit Recap, IG Course Credit, IG Complaint Trends, Using the New SUI Checklists for Program Grading, The Fraud Triangle, What’s a POA and Why do I Need One?


October 2014 – SUI Team Chief Duties & Responsibilities, New IG Courses in LMS, The Essence of a Solid ROI, Updates to CAPP203 IG Specialty Track Guide, Plan-Do-Check-Act Focus on ACT, Southeast Region IG Summit Recap


July 2014 – SUI Changes, New Courses for Inspectors and Investigators, 2014 IG College Recap, Plan-Do-Check-Act Focus on Check, Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century (AFSO21) meets the CAP


April 2014 – IG Refresher Course, Introducing Maj Les Manser, Clarify and Validate the Problem, A Piece of the Puzzle – SUI Grading, Countermeasures to Problems instead of Solutions, Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle of Continuous Improvement


January 2014 - A Conversation with Col. Tom Kettell, The New and Improved Inspection Process, The New Direction for Training IGs, Introducing the CAP/IGTA, Lt Col Don Barbalace


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