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IG Audience

IG Audience

Current Edition:


April 2024

Welcome our new IGT

Inspection Augmentees and Team Chiefs

The IG and the Budget

Complacence vs. Compliance

CAP IG Course Credit for Military IG Courses

Previous Editions:


Jan 2024

Remembering Two of Our Own


Due Diligence and Investigation

IG Completion Report

Notes for Inspection Team Chiefs


October 2023

New Rules for Command Inquiries
CI Discrepancy Review
Urban Legends Clarified
Value of Participating in the IG Specialty Track


July 2023

Upper Level Review

Compliance Inspection Discrepancy Review

Complaint Expectations

Training Updates

April 2023

Our IG Partners

Compliance Inspection Discrepancy Review

Complaints - What's Needed?  What's Not Needed

Worksheet Update Notifications

January 2023

Cycle 6 Discrepancies for Wing Level CI

Roles of Wing/Region IGs in CR

Progressing Through IG Specialty Track

Training Updates for 2023

October 2022

Closing Discrepancies On Site

The Command Inquiry (CIQ)

Preparing For A CI - Part 2

Clarification SUI Tab E1

July 2022

Repeat Discrepancies

Required Duty Positions

Preparing for Compliance Inspection

Assist & Eagle Look

IG College 2022

Q & A

April 2022

History of discrepancies
AE Inspections part 2
Complaint Resolution 
Chain of command
Upcoming training
Q & A

January 2022

  • Answer to Practice Complaint from October
  • What About Inspection Worksheets
  • Updates to Courses
  • Q&A
  • New Feature - Commanders' Corner

October 2021

  • Practice Complaint
  • How To Write A Commendable
  • Updates to Courses
  • Q&A

July 2021

  • CAP/IG's Assessment of the IG Program
  • Status of New Complaint Resolution Process
  • Why a Commander Should Know About the IG Program
  • Loading Discrepancies Into DTS
  • Inspection Interview Techniques

April 2021

  • Answer to Last Quarter's Complaint Exercise
  • Attitudes Towards SUIs
  • Virtual Compliance Inspections
  • A Look Back At Cycle 5 Discrepancies
  • More Information on Training
  • Contributions From The Field

January 2021

  • New Complaint Exercise
  • Educating the Force
  • More on Repeat Discrepancies
  • Discussion of Tab E-1, Question 1
  • More Answers to Readers' Questions

October 2020

  • Answer to July's Complaint Exercise
  • Answers to readers' questions
  • More on new Complaint Resolution Process
  • Changes to IG Training Programs

July 2020

  • New Complaint Analysis Exercise
  • Answers to readers' questions
  • More on new Complaint Resolution Process
  • Inspections? Complaints?
  • Changes to IG Training Programs

April 2020

  • Announcement of New Complaint Resolution Process
  • Answer to previous edition Complaint Analysis Exercise
  • New Grading Scale for Inspections
  • Inspection Q&As
  • Specialty Track Rating Processing
  • Current News Items

January 2020

  • New Complaint Analysis Exercise
  • Repeat Discrepancies
  • Annual Refresher Training
  • Current New Items

October 2019

  • Answer to the Complaint of the Quarter
  • Common Mistakes on Compliance Inspection for Sub-Unit Reports
  • Current News Items

July 2019

  • Complaint of the Quarter
  • SUI In-brief/Out-brief
  • Creating a SUI Report
  • Current News Items

April 2019

  • Online Complaint Submission
  • Inspections - Team Chief Duties
  • Changes Coming to the IG Senior Course
  • Region IG Summits

January 2019

  • Moving Towards Continuous Compliance
  • A Complaint Analysis - Part II
  • Inspection Regulation Changes
  • Feeling Bad about your Last Compliance Inspection?
  • Wing IG Program Submissions and Region IG Review/Reporting

October 2018

  • Changes in CI Grading and Group Inspections
  • A Complaint Analysis Exercise
  • The SUI Plan of Action
  • The IG Specialty Track
  • Myths ... and Other Urban Legends
  • What is a Comma Worth?
  • Tracking IG Training using the IG Course Completion Report

July 2018

  • In-residence IG Courses, Seminars and Briefs
  • The Read-In Document
  • Inspections: The Grade Calculator and Report
  • Using your Region/Wing Conference to Educate CAP Members
  • 2018 IG College - Post Report

April 2018

  • CAPR 20-1 Paragraph Clarifications
  • Witnesses and Confidentiality
  • Areas of Concern 
  • Welcome to the 21st Century!
  • Previous Training Still Applies but ...
  • 2018 IG College - Last Update

January 2018

  • A Few Common Mistakes in ECIM
  • Should an Inspection Augmentee have Access to SUI Documents? 
  • The Ongoing Need for Continuity Books
  • How Much Onsite Time should be Required for SUIs?
  • 2018 IG College Updates

October 2017

  • Complaint Dispositions
  • CI/SUI Discrepancy Trend Analysis
  • New IG Courses in LMS and Credit for previous course work
  • IG College Update

July 2017 

  • Dealing with Anonymous Complaints
  • Required Duty Positions in Subordinate Units
  • Coming soon to the Learning Management System (LMS)
  • IG College Update

April 2017

  • What's new in the 20-2 (Replacing the 123-2)
  • What's new in the 20-3 (Replacing the 123-3)
  • Too much of a Good thing?
  • Inspection Sampling.
  • IG Audience What's New

January 2017

  • New CAP IG Assigned
  • Total Force Challenges
  • The Necessity for the Execution of Non-sworn Statements by Subjects and Witnesses
  •  Outdated CI and SUI Questions
  • The Commendable Conundrum
  • Low Rated Pubic Affairs (PA) Tab on SUIs

October 2016

  • What Happens to Inspection Questions when CAP Regulations Change?
  • Status of Module Report Capability & Implementation
  • Electronic CAPF 45

July 2016

  • ECIM Case Notes
  • Most Common SUI Discrepancies and the Fix
  • CI/SAV/SUI Worksheet Completion
  • SUI Anniversary Dates

April 2016

  • New IGQ
  • IG College Update
  • Who must take which IG Course
  • ECIM and the Commander Directed Investigation
  • HHQ Directives vs Wing Implemented Directives
  • Who must enroll in a Specialty Track
  • Interviewing Cadets vs Officers and Handling Complaints from Parents 

January 2016

  • Trouble Getting the SUI Scheduled?
  • Setting the Tone for an SUI
  • Steps to Complete an SUI
  • Records Accountability and Control for Proof of Compliance
  • Mentoring SUI Team Member Candidates

October 2015

  • Selecting a new IG College Location
  • Confusion over the IG Refresher Course
  • Plans of Action for Discrepancy Closure
  • Changing the “Fill the Square” Mentality in Compliance
  • What is the Ideal Complaint Analysis?

July 2015

·        DTS

·        Unit Safety Meeting Discrepancies

·        Keeping IG Data Secure

·        Best Practices

·        Utilize Your Legal Officer


April 2015 – IG Refresher Credit, SUI Team Chief Hints, ROI Legal Officer Review, How Much SUI Documentation?, Wing IG Post-CI Responsibilities


January 2015 – Getting Out in Front of It, IG Summit Recap, IG Course Credit, IG Complaint Trends, Using the New SUI Checklists for Program Grading, The Fraud Triangle, What’s a POA and Why do I Need One?


October 2014 – SUI Team Chief Duties & Responsibilities, New IG Courses in LMS, The Essence of a Solid ROI, Updates to CAPP203 IG Specialty Track Guide, Plan-Do-Check-Act Focus on ACT, Southeast Region IG Summit Recap


July 2014 – SUI Changes, New Courses for Inspectors and Investigators, 2014 IG College Recap, Plan-Do-Check-Act Focus on Check, Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century (AFSO21) meets the CAP


April 2014 – IG Refresher Course, Introducing Maj Les Manser, Clarify and Validate the Problem, A Piece of the Puzzle – SUI Grading, Countermeasures to Problems instead of Solutions, Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle of Continuous Improvement


January 2014 - A Conversation with Col. Tom Kettell, The New and Improved Inspection Process, The New Direction for Training IGs, Introducing the CAP/IGTA, Lt Col Don Barbalace


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