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Compliance Inspection Information

Current: May 17, 2022 Corrected Cadet Programs (B1) Worksheet to include Cadet Protection Compliance Elements

May 17, 2022 Updated Command (E1) Worksheet to include Wing History Compliance Element

March 20, 2022 Updated Grade Resolution Calculators to fix "N/A" bug

March 12, 2022 Updates to worksheets B1 and C1 to correct previous errors

February 9, 2022 All documents regenerated, changes to C4 for regulations being renamed from 66-1 to 130-2

July 10, 2021 Removed Commendable reference in Tab pages

June 7, 2021 Re-aligned worksheet questions with the Grade Res Calculator

May 27, 2021 Corrected a discrepancy error in E-2 Worksheet, removed "commendable" verbiage from CI Report Template and CI Grade Res Calculator.



All computers must the latest version of the FREE Adobe Reader 11.07 or later

  • To install the Adobe reader software check out the "How to load Adobe" Video.

  • NOTE: if the link does not go to

    or download the video ZIP file to right .

  • Android and IPad tablet users must have the latest version of the Adobe Reader App.

 All Wings

  1. For a CI, use the inspection worksheets found in the Documentation folder.

  2. Fill out the worksheets as complete as possible. When the worksheet has a documentation requirement, you will need to upload the required document in the TAB for for that worksheet.

  3. Contact your Wing CC, IG or Wing Administrator to upload the worksheets to their respective TABs in eServices.

  4. Unit Inspection information is provided to identify units that are subject to Survey Audits for the D-7 Supply  and C-2 Comm Worksheet.


 All Inspectors

 1. Conduct the inspection using the CI worksheets:

2. Determine TAB grade using the Grade Res Calculator:

  • Grade res calculator is found on the right 

  • NOTE:  The Grade Res Calculator requires Excel 2010 or later


3.  Upload the following to the eServices team documentation folder: 

  • completed worksheets

  • discrepancy supporting documentation, pictures, etc.

  • commendable supporting documentation, pictures, etc.


CI Team Chiefs

  1. Completes the report by copying and pasting worksheets results into the report Team Chiefs runs the Grade Resolution Calculator to determine mission and overall ratings.

  2. Team Chiefs ensure Grade resolution is completed.

  3. Team Chiefs upload the following to the eServices team documentation folder:

  • Completed report

  • Completed worksheets

  • Supporting documentation, pictures, etc. for discrepancies if available

  • Supporting documentation, pictures, etc. for commendables if available

  • Provides a draft copy of the report to the commander of the inspected unit



1. Blank CI Worksheet (to be uploaded by the wing in eServices/Inspector General/Documentation

2. Blank CI report.

3. Directions on how to upload documents into eServices for CI Documentation.

4. CI grade resolution calculator

5. CI process checklist

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