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Inspection Definitions

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Inspection Definitions



1. Area of Concern (AoC). A special inspection report entry indicating a minor weakness which does not violate a directive and is listed when mission accomplishment, program purpose or membership satisfaction is impaired or threatened.

2. Assistant Inspector General (IGA). A CAP Member who has been appointed by the wing or region IG, with the concurrence of their respective commander, as an Assistant Inspector General. IGA's must have completed both the Inspection Augmentee (IA) and Investigating Officer (IO) courses and be enrolled in the IG Specialty Track.

3. Benchmark. A noteworthy strength or improved process, approved by the NHQ functional lead, that stands out above others that should become the new standard, or become a source where another unit can contact or refer to in order to make themselves better.

4. CAP Directive. As used in this program, directive means any CAP regulation, supplements to CAP regulations, and operating instructions (OI).

5. Commendable. Indicates a highly effective process implemented over a sufficient period of time that results in exceeding mission requirements.

6. Discrepancy. A deficiency which is a violation of a directive that requires specific answers (formerly called a Finding).

7. Higher Headquarters Item. Any Area of Concern or Discrepancy that requires action from a higher level to resolve. These items will be identified in the appropriate tab of the inspection report.

8. Inspection. An evaluation intended to determine the effectiveness of unit management, mission accomplishment and regulatory compliance programs. The inspection may be a graded inspection or a non-graded.

9. Inspection Augmentee (IA). An inspection team member who has completed the Inspection Augmentee Course segment of the Inspector General Basic Course and is a current subject matter expert in the assigned inspection area(s).

10. Inspector General (IG). A CAP member who is appointed by the National Commander to the position of Civil Air Patrol Inspector General (CAP/IG) or who has been appointed to the position of region or wing inspector general by his/her respective region or wing commander.

11. Open Discrepancy. A discrepancy from a prior inspection in which the unit or higher headquarters’ corrective actions are incomplete and have not been closed in accordance with this regulation.


12. Subordinate Unit Inspections (SUI). Inspections conducted by either CAP regions or wings to evaluate the management and mission capability of units below the wing level.

13. Compliance Inspections (CI). Wing headquarters inspections conducted every 4 years by CAP and CAP-USAF inspectors to evaluate the management and mission capability at the wing level.

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