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The Civil Air Patrol Assessment Program consists of Compliance Inspections (CIs) and Subordinate Unit Inspections (SUIs). The program exists to protect the CAP organization by ensuring compliance with the various rules, policies and agreements governing CAP programs. The program also helps its members meet the demands of CAP’s many rules, regulations and policies.

Wing CIs are a joint CAP and CAP-USAF activity where representatives of both headquarters attempt to determine how well a wing is managed and whether it is meeting its mission.

SUIs are conducted by region or wing qualified inspectors on units subordinate to their wing. A wing may conduct an SUI on a group, squadron or flight within the wing.

Continuous Compliance will allow wing staff members to see where they are compliant with CAP regulations and where they are not. Wing staff members can upload documents for approval and region staff members will be able to approve/disapprove them. Region staff members can upload documents for approval and the OPR will be able to approve/disapprove them. This process is expected to be available to squadron staff members at some time in the future.

Specific details about scheduling and conducting CIs and SUIs are described in CAPR 20-3.

The CAP/IGI publishes compliance inspection worksheets for wings and for units below the wing. These worksheets will be used for conducting an inspection of the appropriate level organization. Compliance questions are developed by the Offices or Primary Responsibility (OPRs) at National Headquarters for mission-critical areas.

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