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Aircraft Management

Toll Free: 877-227-9142
Commercial: 334-953-7748
Fax: 334-953-1668

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Rodger Kirkpatrick, Chief, Aircraft Management

Ext: 273

Maurkis White, Aircraft Maintenance Coordinator

Ext: 272

Gary Arthurs, Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Ext: 274 

Jennifer Ussrey, Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Ext: 285


Labor and Parts Pricing Guide
CAP Aircraft Labor and Parts Pricing Guide.  As an off-shoot of the Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Program we have captured a considerable amount of data on aircraft parts costs and labor hours that may be of use to your wing in determining fair and reasonable prices for work done on your aircraft.  We recommend that you use this data to evaluate all price quotes and bills to see if you are already receiving a good price or whether you may want to negotiate specific items with your local shop.

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