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Airworthiness Directives

AD 2018-02-04

This AD applies to Aerospace Welding Minneapolis Inc; (AWI) Mufflers and is effective on 21 Feb 2018.

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AD 2017-11-10

This AD applies to all Lycoming TIO-540-AJ1A reciprocating engines and it is effective June 28, 2017.


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AD 2014-06-07

This AD describes the unsafe condition as inadequate guidance for spin training operations.

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AD 2013-11-11

This AD requires an inspection of the engine oil pressure switch and, if applicable, replacement of the engine oil pressure switch.

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AD 2012-24-04

This AD describes the unsafe condition as burnt electrical connectors leading to the left-hand wingtip pitot heater, which may result in loss of airspeed indication.

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AD 2012-22-01

This AD was prompted by reports of chafed fuel return line assemblies, which were caused by the fuel return line assembly rubbing against the right steering tube assembly during full rudder pedal actuation.

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AD 2012-10-52

This emergency AD was prompted by a report of an HET turbocharger causing an engine inflight power rollback.

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AD 2012-03-07

This AD was prompted by a report of a ‘‘machined-from-billet'' HA-6 carburetor having a loose mixture control sleeve that rotated in the carburetor body causing restriction of fuel and power loss.


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AD 2012-03-06

This AD currently requires removing AVStar Fuel Systems, Inc. (AFS) fuel servos installed after May 20, 2010, if the servo contained an AFS diaphragm, part number (P/N) AV2541801 or P/N AV2541803, from certain production lots.

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AD 2011-13-03

This AD requires inspecting certain Lycoming and TCM reciprocating engines with certain Hartzell Engine Technologies, LLC (HET) turbochargers installed, and disassembly and cleaning of the turbocharger center housing and rotating assembly (CHRA) cavities of affected turbochargers.

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