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Airworthiness Directives

Airworthiness Directive 2012-24-04

The FAA has issued AD2012-24-04 concerning the electrical wiring in the wingtip for the Pitot Tube on our GA8 aircraft. The AD references GA8 Service Bulletin SB-GA8-2012-77 that was sent to all GA8 Maintenance Officers on 22 March 2012.  The AD requires the SB be accomplished within the next 100 hours or annual inspection whichever occurs later after 07 January 2013.  Aircraft that have accomplished SB-GA8-2012-77 may sign off the AD as being complied with in accordance with the SB. Aircraft that have yet to accomplished the bulletin must request a SB kit from NHQ/LGM via the CAPF 176.  Gippsland allocates four hours to comply with the SB. SB-GA8-2012-77 can be downloaded from Gippsland’s web site.

 Please call if you have any questions. Thanks.
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Airworthiness Directive 2012-22-01


Ladies and Gentlemen, the FAA has issued AD 2012-22-01 (attached) that may affect our Cessna 172R and 172S model aircraft. The AD will apply if any of these models have Cessna Service Bulletin SB04-28-03 Engine  Fuel  Return Modification Kit (MK172-28-01) dated 30 August 2004 installed. SB04-28-03 is  a optional service bulletin and NHQ/LGM is not certain all  our  172R or S model aircraft had the mod kit installed. Therefore, please insure the records of each R and S model 172 are inspected for compliance with SB04-28-03 and if applicable have AD 2012-22-01 complied with.  The AD has to be complied with at whichever of the following occurs later:  Next annual inspection after December 28, 2012 or next 100hr inspection after December 28, 2012 or within the next 12 months after December 28, 2012. We also suggest the AD be annotated as non applicable in those aircraft without mod kit MK172-28-01 installed. Please provide  NHQ/LGM the status of each aircraft after its inspection. Thanks and please call if you have any questions.
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AD 2012-03-07

This AD requires replacement of  “machined-from-billet” body carburetors that may be installed on CAP turbo and non-turbo 182 and 182RG aircraft. This AD is effective March 27,2012. See link for applicable aircraft: AD 2012-03-07


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Airworthiness Directive 2012-03-06 C

Superior Air Parts, Lycoming Engines. This AD supersedes 2011-15-10. This AD applies to all Superior Air Parts, Lycoming Engines and Continental Motors, Inc., fuel injected reciprocating engine models with an AVStar Fuel Systems, Inc. (AFS) fuel servo diaphragm, part number (P/N) AV2541801 or P/N AV2541803, installed. CAP records indicate it only applies to N905CP and N907CP.

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