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AD 2002-13-08

August 29, 2002

SUMMARY: This amendment adopts a new airworthiness directive (AD) that applies to certain de Havilland Inc. (de Havilland) Models DHC-2 Mk. I, DHC-2 Mk. II, and DHC-2 Mk. III airplanes. This AD requires you to modify the elevator tip rib on each elevator; repetitively inspect underneath the mass balance weights at each elevator tip rib for corrosion; and either remove the corrosion or replace a corroded elevator tip rib depending on the corrosion damage. This AD is the result of mandatory continuing airworthiness information (MCAI) issued by the airworthiness authority for Canada. The actions specified by this AD are intended to detect and correct corrosion in the mass balance weights at the elevator tip ribs, which could result in loss of balance weight during flight and the elevator control surface separating from the airplane.

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Please visit the FAA's website to view the entire Airworthiness Directive.

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