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AD 2005-14-12

July 15, 2005

Effective Date:  This AD becomes effective July 29, 2005. 

This AD applies to Hartzell Propeller Inc. models HC-B3TN-2, HC-B3TN-3, HC-B3TN-5, HC-B3MN-3, HC-B4TN-3, HC-B4TN-5, HC-B4MN-5, HC-B4MP-3, HC-B4MP-5 and HC-B5MP-3 propellers installed with propeller mounting bolts, part number B-3339.  See the list of airplanes affected.  APPEARS TO ONLY APPLY TO AK WING A/C:  DHC-2.  This AD results from the discovery during routine propeller installation that a bolt from a certain manufacture lot did not properly absorb the installation torque.  This AD also results from the discovery that other bolts of the same part number from a different certain manufacture lot had material surface ptting.  We are issuing this AD to prevent propeller mounting bolt failures or improperly secured propellers, which could lead to separation of the propeller from the airplane. 

COMPLIANCE:  You are responsible for having the actions required by this AD performed within the compliance times specified unless the actions have already been done.

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