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AD 2005-CE-03 *****

July 22, 2005

Effective Date: 9 Aug 2005. 

This AD affects the following a/c models and serial numbers that are certificated in any category:



Model Serial #
172R 17281186 through 17281232
172S 172S9476 through 172S9689, and 172S9691 through 172S9770
182T 18281242 through 18281502, 18281506, and 18281507
T182T T81208212 through T18208357
206H 20608195 through 20608223, 20608225, and 20608226
T206H T20608410 through T20608475, T20608477 through T20608501, T20608503, and T20608506

This AD is the result of several reports of circuit breakers that are not the correct 40-amp circuit breaker installed in the MC01-3A I.C.9 or MC01-3A I.C.10 main electrical power junction box.  The actions specified in this AD are intended to replace any incorrect circuit breaker installed in the MC01-3A main electrical power junction box, which could result in premature tripping of the power junction box main feeder circuit breakers and could lead to partial or complete loss of electrical power on the airplane.  This condition could lead to the loss of all navigation and communication equipment and lighting in the cockpit.  See the AD for compliance criteria.  This AD mirrors Cessna SB05-24-01.  Compliance with SB05-24-01 meets the compliance criteria in this AD.



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