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AD 2007-05-10

March 13, 2007

SUMMARY: The FAA adopts a new airworthiness directive (AD) for certain Cessna Aircraft Company (Cessna) Models 172R, 172S, 182S, 182T, T182T, 206H, and T206H airplanes. This AD requires you to install Modification Kit MK172-25-10C or a steel lock rod/bar on both crew seat back cylinder lock assemblies. If a steel lock rod/bar has already been installed on the crew seat back cylinder lock assembly, no further action is required. If you have already installed Modification Kit MK172-25-10A or MK172-25-10B, this AD requires you to do an installation inspection and correct any discrepancies found. This AD results from reports of the crew seat back cylinder lock assembly failing at the aft end and other cylinder lock assemblies found cracked. We are issuing this AD to prevent the crew seat back cylinder lock assembly from bending, cracking, or failing. This failure could cause uncontrolled movement of the seat back, resulting in possible backward collapse during flight. Backward collapse of either crew seat back could result in an abrupt pitch-up if the affected crew member continues to hold on to the control yoke during this failure and could cause difficulty in exiting the airplane from an aft passenger seat after landing.

For More Information:

Please visit the FAA's website to view the entire Airworthiness Directive.

Link to AD 2007-05-10

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