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AD 2014-06-07

April 8, 2014

Gentlemen, the FAA has issued AD 2014-06-07 (attached) which may affect our Schleicher ASK21 gliders. The AD affects any ASK 21 glider that has incorporated Schleicher Technical Note 4 dated November 14, 1980 or Technical Note 4a dated November 25, 2004 concerning spin training. The AD ensures a placard is installed in the cockpit, plus the aircraft flight manual (AFM) and the instructions for continued airworthiness (ICA) all have adequate guidance for spin training operations. NHQ/LGM is not aware of any of our ASK21 gliders having incorporated either of these two Schleicher Technical Notes. However please research your assigned gliders to insure neither of these two Technical Notes have been incorporated. Please contact NHQ/LGM with the status of this AD for each assigned ASK 21 glider. Thanks and please call if anyone has questions or concerns.


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