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AD 76-07-12

August 8, 2002


Amendment 39-2575 as amended by Amendment 39-3024. Applies to all aircraft employing magnetos and using Bendix ignition switches listed in the table below except switches identified by four digit date code (new) adjacent to the model number or a white dot (modified) on the support plate adjacent to the Bendix logo.

Bendix Switches Rotary Action, Key or Lever Actuated
Switch Function Bendix (series) Part Numbers
Twist-to-Start 10-357XXX, 10-126XXX
Twist-to-Start/Push-to-Prime 10-357XXX, 10-126XXX
Push-to-Start 10-357XXX, 10-126XXX, 10-157XXX



For More Information:

Please visit the FAA's website to view the entire Airworthiness directive.

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