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Airworthiness Directive 2011-10-09 -

July 28, 2011

The FAA has issued AD 2011-10-09 that supersedes AD 87-20-03 R2 (seat rail inspection). The new AD adds additional inspection criteria to the existing AD and becomes effective 17 June 2011. On 17 June 2011 the new AD is due on applicable aircraft 100 flight hours after the last compliance with AD 87-20-03 R2 or 12 months whichever occurs first and at each 100 hours or 12 months thereafter. However, if you have an aircraft due a 100hr/annual prior to 17 June 2011 you may comply with AD 2011-10-09 at that time. The following is a link to the AD: 2011-10-09

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