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AD 2004-10-14

June 3, 2004

SUMMARY: The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) that supersedes an existing AD, for Lycoming Engines (formerly Textron Lycoming), direct-drive reciprocating engines (except O-145, O-320H, O-360E, LO-360E, LTO-360E, TO-360-E, O-435, and TIO-541 series engines). That AD currently requires inspection of the crankshaft gear installation and rework or replacement of the gears where necessary after a propeller strike, sudden stoppage, at overhaul, or whenever gear train repair is required. This AD requires the same actions but makes the correction that the existing gear retaining bolt and lockplate be removed from service and new hardware installed, and revises the definitions for sudden stoppage and propeller strike. This AD removes the requirement to perform inspections at overhaul and during repair of the gear train, because Lycoming has incorporated those procedures from their Service Bulletin into their Overhaul Manual.This AD results from a change to the definition of a propeller strike or sudden stoppage. We are issuing this AD to prevent loosening or failure of the crankshaft gear retaining bolt, which may cause sudden engine failure.

For More Information:

Please visit the FAA's website to view the entire Airworthiness Directive.

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