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Airworthiness Directives - 2001 Archive

AD 2001-23-03

This AD requires inspecting (one-time) the fuel line and map light switch in the left hand forward door post for chafing or arcing on certain Cessna Aircraft Company (Cessna) Model 172N, R172K, F172N, and FR172K airplanes and repairing any damage found.

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AD 2001-14-51

This AD is applicable to General Aviation aircraft equipped with certain UPS Aviation Technologies, Inc., Model Apollo SL30 very-high-frequency navigation/communication (VHF NAV/COMM) radios.

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AD 2001-06-17

This AD requires a one-time inspection for proper engine idle speed and fuel control mixture setting and adjustment, as necessary.  This AD also requires incorporating engine operating procedures into the pilots operating handbook.

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AD 2001-08-08

This AD requires you to repetitively replace the existing Aeroquip V-band exhaust clamp.

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