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Airworthiness Directives - 2002 Archive

AD 2002-26-03

This AD requires you to check the Brackett single screen air filter assembly for correct installation.

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AD 2002-23-06 *****

AD2002-23-06, Amendment 39-12950: Airworthiness Directives; Textron Lycoming AEIO-540, IO-540, LTIO-540, O-540, and TIO-540 Series Reciprocating Engines.
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AD 2002-12-07

This AD concerns replacement of the oil filter plate gasket or the converter plate kit.  This AD is applicable to O320, O360, and O540 engines which uses a dual magneto in a single housing.

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AD 2002-17-53 *****

FAA AD 2002-17-53: This Emergency AD is prompted by reports of 17 crankshaft failures in LTIO-540 and TIO-540 engines, rated at 300 HP or higher, that were assembled with certain crankshafts that were manufactured using a hammer-forged process. This AD is applicable to all Textron Lycoming LTIO-540 and TIO-540 engines,...
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AD 2002-13-08

This AD applies to certain de Havilland Inc. Models DHC-2 MK. I, DHC-2 MK. II, and DHC02 Mk. III Airplanes

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AD 76-07-12

This AD applies to all aircraft employing magnetos and using Bendix ignition switches.

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