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Airworthiness Directives - 2005 Archive

AD 2005-24-09

This AD requires, within 10 flight hours or 10 days after the effective date of this AD, whichever occurs first, removing certain serial number propeller hubs from service.

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AD 2005-22-02

This AD requires you to repetitively inspect the upper and lower grooves of the forward cargo door slide for cracks, excessive wear, and excessive width.

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AD 2005-14-11

This AD requires maintenance actions amounting to an overhaul of the affected propellers.

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AD 2005-14-12

This AD requires initial and repetitive visual inspections and torque checks of certain manufacture lot numbers of propeller mounting bolts, P/N B-3339, and eventual removal from service of those bolts.

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AD 2005-11-05

This AD requires you to replace the airplane flight manual supplement (AFMS) in the airplane flight manual with the appropriate revision and install placards as defined in the AFMS, upgrade the Model SVS I or SVS IA SVS to the Model VI SVS, and add the instructions for continued airworthiness (ICA) to the maintenance schedule for the aircraft.

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