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Airworthiness Directives - 2007 Archive

AD 2007-12-13

A report has been received of stress corrosion cracking occurring in the wing lift strut lower clevis fitting, part number C2W-1097A.

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AD 2007-08-03

This AD requires you to inspect the two end fittings on each of the flexible fuel hoses located in the engine compartment for the correct torque values, and, if any incorrect torque values are found during the inspection, tighten the hose end fittings to the correct torque values.

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AD 2007-09-01

This AD requires you to disconnect or remove the electrical cable between the forward ground power relay and the starter relay, install a placard, inspect the fuel line between the auxiliary electric fuel pump and the engine-driven fuel pump for chafing, and replace the fuel line if chafing is found.

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AD 2007-05-10

This AD requires you to install Modification Kit MK172-25-10C or a steel lock rod/bar on both crew seat back cylinder lock assemblies.

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