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Airworthiness Directives - 2011 Archive

AD 2011-13-03

This AD requires inspecting certain Lycoming and TCM reciprocating engines with certain Hartzell Engine Technologies, LLC (HET) turbochargers installed, and disassembly and cleaning of the turbocharger center housing and rotating assembly (CHRA) cavities of affected turbochargers.

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AD 2011-02-08

Cracks were reported on the rear horizontal stabilizer bracket of two L 23 SUPERBLANIK sailplanes.


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AD 2011-10-09

That AD requires repetitive inspections and replacement of parts, if necessary, of the seat rail and seat rail holes; seat pin engagement; seat rollers, washers, and axle bolts or bushings; wall thickness of roller housing and the tang; and lock pin springs.

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