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AD 2024-13-03 Linstrand Balloon

July 8, 2024

This AD was prompted by a report of degraded polyester filled Aramid (Kevlar) load tapes on a hot air balloon envelope where the Kevlar core was exposed to ultraviolet light. The FAA is issuing this AD to address the unsafe condition. The unsafe condition, if not addressed, could compromise the residual strength of the load tapes and the structural integrity of the hot air balloon envelope, with consequent loss of control of the hot air balloon. This AD requires repetitively checking the hot air balloon envelope, before each flight, for damage and removing any damaged hot air balloon envelope from service. The check required in this AD may be performed by the owner/operator holding at least a private pilot certificate and must be entered into the hot air balloon records showing compliance with this AD in accordance with 14 CFR 43.9(a) and 14 CFR91.417(a)(2)(v). The record must be maintained as required by 14 CFR 91.417, 121.380, or 135.439. The pilot may perform this check because it only involves visually checking the envelope for damage and can be equally performed by a pilot or mechanic. This is an exception to the FAA's standard maintenance regulations.

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