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July 31, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen, the FAA has issued AD 2013-11-11 requiring the replacement of the oil pressure switch on our “Restart” Cessna aircraft every 3000 hours. This is the same pressure switch we recently added to CAPR 66-1 as a time change item. NHQ/LGM currently replaces this switch at each affected aircraft engine change. In addition however, the AD also requires the inspection of the oil pressure switch on each of our  Cessna “Restart”  (172R, 172S, 182T and 206H) aircraft and the removal of any oil pressure switch having part number 77041. The inspection must occur at each affected aircraft’s next oil change, 100 hour or annual inspection whichever occurs first . Please have each of your Cessna “Restart” aircraft inspected accordingly for oil pressure switch part number 77041. If this part number switch is found it must be removed before further flight.  If this part number is not found then the installed oil pressure switch will not require replacement until it reaches 3000 flying hours as stated in CAPR 66-1. Please call or email LGM if there are any questions concerning this AD. Thanks.

Note: Since NHQ/LGM is replacing this oil pressure switch at each affected aircraft’s engine change a log book entry  will now be required showing compliance with AD2013-11-11 along with the engine change.

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