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CAP Engine Break-in Procedures

March 12, 2009

   The following procedure is recommended to break-in (seat the rings) a new or overhauled engine.

   Perform initial ground run (three to four minutes @ 850 to 1000 RPM) to check for leaks.

   For initial flight perform normal start and run up, taxi and take off immediately (minimize ground time). Reduce power to 75% as soon as practical and maintain cylinder head and oil temperature within the green for a few trips around the pattern (15 to 20 minutes). Land and check engine again for abnormalities and leaks.

   From this point on fly the aircraft at 75% or above power setting while maintaining cylinder head and oil temperature within the green until oil consumption stabilizes. (Oil consumption will not stabilize in a set time and will vary with each engine).  During this period avoid steep climb outs and touch and go landings.

   Note: Cadet O Rides will not be conducted in aircraft with new or overhauled engines until at least 10 hours of engine operating time have occurred.

   NHQ will fund the above initial flight of an aircraft with a new or overhauled engine installation for wings under consolidated maintenance. This flight may be submitted for reimbursement as an A9 mission on the WMIRS Form 108.

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