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Hinge Pins and Tire Pressure Guidance For CAP Aircraft

April 13, 2012

Request you have all your older (prior to 1997) model Cessna aircraft inspected for factory hinge pins in the upper and lower hinges on both pilot’s and copilot’s doors. Attached are photos of proper hinge pins for our older Cessna aircraft. Where appropriate these pins may be squeezed or flattened at each end to prevent them from falling or backing out.  If your aircraft have pins installed that are bent 90 degrees at the ends chances are they are non factory pins. Anyone needing replacement hinge pins may request them via a CAPF 176.        

Also request you have all your older Cessna 172 (prior to 1997) aircraft and 172R aircraft inspected for proper tire pressure decals on each MLG strut.  These aircraft have been modified with a 180hp engine and gross weight increase STC. The gross weight increase STC calls for a higher tire pressure than those listed in the POH. Anyone needing these decals may request them via a CAPF 176. 

If anyone has any questions regarding either of these two issues please feel free to call NHQ/LGM. Thanks

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